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The Phone Booth History
The Phone Booth Was founded by Ernest Suter in 1984.  He was an employee of Northwestern Bell (Ma Bell)  and after he retired from there he opened up a small shop to continue serving customers.  The Phone Booths original location was at 422 Blondeau in Keokuk IA.  The Phone Booth ran out of the little shop on Blondeau street for years until moving to 528 Johnson.  Shortly After moving to Johnson Street, Ernest Suters son, Eric Suter, took over ownership of the business, and hired another employee, Doug Campbell.  Eric Doug and Ernest ran the Business side by side for years until Ernest passed away in 2007.  After the Passing of Ernest, The Phone Booth ran with the memory of Ernie and a strong loving customer base.  Ernest left a lasting impression on the customers and friends made along the way that are still being passed down.  Eric’s son Zach Suter in 2006 started working at the phone booth, and doug Moved on to another job.  Erics son Zach Suter is now in line to become the 3rd generation of telephone repair men in the Suter Family.  One thing that The Phone Booth would like everyone know is that we have always been family owned and operated.  and are so thankful for all the Friends that we have been able to make along the way!


Eric Suter– Owner/technician   eric




zach sZach Suter– Technician/Catfish Whisperer!